- Posted February 12, 2017, 04:03:48 PM


Just wanted to let everyone know I'm dealing with some personal issues in real life, and I'll be putting the game on hiatus until they are resolved. Apologies to those who are anticipating new updates.

- Cryptic

- Posted January 11, 2017, 03:10:24 AM

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holiday season. The 3rd floor is released now, and I apologize for the delay as things were a bit hectic on my end! Here is to another year of this silly fetish game's fruitful existence : ^)

Change List:
  • Added floor 3 which can be accessed after defeating the Succubus on floor 2.
  • Raised level cap to 20.
  • Raised Caster/Warrior level cap to 15 and added 2 new skills for each class.
  • Added various events in floor 3 that will modify your character's body parts and height (thanks to Gourgex for writing most of these).
  • Removed weight gain penalty for dying to rats, goblins and skeletons.
  • Adjusted final damage to be added on before skill multipliers and not after.
  • Adjusted crevice event on Floor 1 to require a realistically smaller belly size to succeed.

To tease what is coming next, I will say that Pachaking has been working on some updates to the mirror event's descriptions since they're pretty lacking right now. Oh, and the incubus event that I keep putting off should be finally ready. :X

- Posted December 14, 2016, 01:15:54 AM

Change List:
  • Added Skill Lists for each class with some brief info for each skill. Click "View Skills" in the Class tab to view them.
  • Added the Mirror Event in your home.

Bug Fixes:
  • Players can no longer enable or disable classes during battle.
  • Warrior's Punish skill only works against regular attacks and melee skills. Magic skills and debuffs cannot be parried anymore.

- Posted November 21, 2016, 12:29:17 AM

Change List:
  • The first person to attack in a combat encounter is now decided by using calculations centred around Agility and Immobility Factor.
  • Added the Quest system. Two quests can be obtained, one from Norman Foelsch in the Library and another from Iyanna Rue which is initiated upon you dying to the Succubus boss.
  • Added the Checkpoint system which can be used to better create conditional dialog and quest requirements.
  • Added the Class system along with two classes to start with, Caster and Warrior. You are awarded Caster for completing Norman's quest, and Warrior for completing Iyanna's quest. Class level is capped at 5 for now.
  • The "Attitute on Fat (others)" and "Attitude on Fat (self)" stats were added to the character info screen.

Bug Fixes:
  • There was a bug where if you had the Caffeinated status effect then logged out, you would lose your agility buff but still have the status effect for its duration.
  • Items now drop from combat encounters again.
  • Fix for the maximum amount of food you can consume not being adjusted at the same time as your Max Hunger stat is.

- Posted November 14, 2016, 01:22:07 AM

Hi everyone. It's been a while so I'm gonna do another mini update. I have the class system working, but right now I only have the skills and the class trainer dialog/quest completed for the Caster. The Warrior class is still being worked on. Here is a screenshot (I'm posting the link since it's a big image):


You can switch between classes through the class UI (though I'm going to prevent you from switching in combat before it's released). Once you've activated a class, you will gain exp towards that class upon defeating monsters. You can only use the skills from your active class in battle and only your active class will gain experience from battle. Oh and I'm thinking max class level is 20 and a new skill is learned every 5 levels. I'll probably make it more complicated later but this will work for now.